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  • Single- / double-pole pushbutton switches ideal for use with printed circuit boards and other panel-mount devices. Designed in accordance with UL & CSA certifications. Non-illuminated sealed and unsealed variants available  

  • Ideal for controlling the power supply in surge protectors, display monitors and computer power supplies. Selected models (V-Series Contura family and L-Series switches) can support up to seven connections

  • 1 to 20 amp rotary switches capable of handling up to five electric circuits. Feature a four-position / eight-position / repeating action single-pole configuration suitable for use with testing and measuring equipment, as well as speed control devices

  • Includes nickel-plated toggle switch legend plates with ON / OFF markings and offered in a pack of 25. Compatible with all standard toggle switches. Provide resistance to wear and oxidation reactions in exposed surfaces

  • Wide range of SPDT, DPDT, DPST, SPST and 3PDT toggle switches offered in 1 to 20-amp versions. Designed in accordance with UL, CSA, & VDE standards


  • UL-listed and CSA-certified magnetic and thermal circuit breakers ideal for protecting devices from the heat generated due to overcurrent. Provide a temperature-stable performance and hence, unaffected by variations in ambient temperature. Feature a tab / screw / stud terminal connection for easy installation

Carling Technologies es uno de los mayores fabricantes mundiales de interruptores, dispositivos de control y dispositivos de control con certificación UL y CSA. rompedores de circuito, piezaes de distribución de energía y sistemas de monitoreo para aplicaciones en generadores, sistemas HVAC, compresores y controladores de motores. El catálogo de Carling Switch comprende una amplia gama de pulsadores basculantes, pulsadores en miniatura, giratorios y interruptores de palanca. Carling interruptores basculantes están diseñados para aplicaciones en protectores de sobretensión y fuentes de alimentación de computadoras. Para aplicaciones de panel trasero poco profundas y controles de motor de CA / CC, los interruptores de palanca fáciles de usar de la marca son una opción ideal. Compre entre una amplia gama de interruptores Carling y disyuntores de montaje en panel en Raptor Supplies, un distribuidor autorizado de interruptores de Carling.